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Sriteja’s Polyurea Project – Extra Heavy Flake

“Happy With the Quality”

Sriteja installed the AWF Polyurea. What makes this garage unique? First, the white base. Many of our blogs feature the grey Polyurea base with flake. The white base allows the flake to ‘pop.’ Secondly, Sriteja subsidized the 5 pounds of flake included in the kit, with an additional 7 pounds in the same color. We are thrilled that Sriteja created the space that was envisioned.

The AWF Polyurea is a quality product that won’t lift under hot tires. It is durable, beautiful, and has a simpler installation process than an epoxy system. Additionally, the AWF is personalizable with four different base colors and countless combinations of flake blend and sizes. While the kits come with one of our most popular blends – it’s easy to customize your flake!

The Order:

  • One 3-Coat 500 Sq/ft Polyurea Kit
    • The Polyurea Kits come with the polyurea, pigment, flake, antiskid, and roller covers
  • 5 Pounds of B310 Flake

The Photos:


Installation of White Polyurea

White Polyurea Floor coating


Flakes on White Polyurea

Sriteja's Garage

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