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Garage Floor Coating with Tile Boarder

Jeff’s Tile-Bordered Coating Project

Jeff’s floor is a unique combination of TrueLock garage floor tiles and a floor coating. Jeff installed a coating from a local hardware store and then bordered it with our garage floor tiles. The border gives the garage floor a professional touch. The TrueLock tiles are an affordable option that is durable and good looking! While we cannot speak to any floor coating you may pick up in a hardware store – we do carry high-quality epoxy and polyurea kits that put out beautiful results.

Jeff’s Words:

I wanted to provide you with an update following the additional red transitional pieces which, really provide a professional appearance. Again, Thanks for all your recommendations and insight.

His Order:

  • 80 Blue TrueLock Diamond Tiles
  • 8 Red TrueLock Diamond Tiles
  • 56 Blue Female TrueLock Edges
  • 8 Red Female TrueLock Edges
  • 40 Blue Male Edges
  • 8  Red Edges


White cars with red tile stripe

Cars on garage flooring

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