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David's Polyurea

David’s Shop: DIY Polyurea Project

“Turned Out Pretty Good”

David and some of his favorite family members installed the gray polyurea with a B711 flake. The workshop turned out absolutely beautiful. David notes that having proper lighting during the installation is key to a more smooth process. The Polyurea is an excellent coating for many DIY garages – with virtually unlimited pot life, you can take your time with the install! After the installation process, customers have a long-lasting durable floor that is impervious to hot tire lifting.

David’s Story

I decided to coat the floor with a polyurea coating for easy cleanup and durability. The shop is very multipurpose and will be used a lot for automotive work as well as machining and woodworking. I also decided to DIY, of course! Wow, lots of work. I was not very pleased with the way my slab turned out and ended up renting some floor grinders to try and level them. It took hours and I only got them a little better. My son-in-law also spent hours (thanks Caleb!) grinding the entire floor for better adhesion and the coating. I acid etched it for good measure. My wife and I put down the base coat of gray and she spread the color flakes (thanks Dawn!) Two coats of clear finished it off. The last coat had alumina anti-skid powder added. Overall, it turned out pretty good. It is not as even-textured as it should be but once everything is in the shop it will be fine. One of the biggest problems was how dark it was without any lights (still now power). I could not see what I was doing. So, if you’re doing a floor coating, make sure you have lots of light and be ready for a very sticky mess. That is the fun of DIY.

The Photos:

David's Polyurea

Close-Up of Flaked Polyurea

Garage Shop



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