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RaceDeck Ribbed Garage Floor

Jeremy’s RaceDeck Tile Project

“I am so thrilled with the end result.” – Jeremy

Jeremy installed the RaceDeck Free Flow tiles®. The garage is AMAZING. The combined gray and black tiles with the orange accent create a space that rivals a professional showroom. Just like Jeremy, we are thrilled with this project! He told us that the floor “came out great, it’s my subtle Harley Davidson themed garage.” Painting the garage doors was a genius move that ties the garage theme together perfectly.

RaceDeck® is a well-known brand. The high-quality tiles are appealing, durable, and chemical resistant. Additionally, the garage floor tiles come with a 20-year limited warranty.  The ribbed tiles are an excellent addition to many garages. Debris flows through the tiles and leaves a clean space to walk on. Also, customers and their neighbors love the garage floor tiles simply for their beauty.

Overall, Jeremy’s garage is fantastic – a well-designed garage with high-quality tiles. Although we love the RaceDeck® brand, the TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles have similar physical qualities, while offered at a discount price.

Jeremy’s Photos:

Garage Floor Tiles

Gray, Black, and Orange Garage Floor Tiles

RaceDeck Ribbed Garage Floor Tiles


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