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BLT Mats and Jeep

BLT Mat Review: OneNGlen

“Awesome Product. Love These Mats.” – Glen

OneNGlen is a fun youtube channel that combines the best of tutorials, reviews, adventures, and family fun. Glen did a review on the BLT Ribbed Garage Floor mats he recently purchased from us. He loves the mats and tells us he would never have a garage without them. He highlights how easy the mats are to clean. The mats contain some debris in their ribs, which can be pushed out of the garage with a broom later. The downside of the mat, as he points out, is that carjacks cannot be placed directly on the mats. However, Glen explains that this slight inconvenience is overcome by simply placing a wood board under the jack. During the video, he talks about one of our favorite things: FREE SHIPPING – available on any order to anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Glen’s Video Review:

The Photos:

Black BLT Ribbed Mat

BLT Mats and Jeep


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