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Red, White, Blue TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles.

Thomas’ TrueLock HDXT Small Coin Tiles

An Awesome Project

Tom installed the TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles in his garage. The unique red, white, and blue design is absolutely mesmerizing. Additionally, the small coin tile provides a lightly textured surface. The small coins promote easy rolling. Overall, the small-coin pattern and colors create a beautiful focal point in the garage.

Tom’s Experience:

I completed about 60% of the installation last weekend and will finish it up this weekend.  So far so good.

“Going Very Well.”

I do have to comment on the quality of your injection molding process. I think I’ve only found one tile that had a very minor flaw all others have been essentially perfectly molded and the fit up has been going very well.

I was a general contractor for 25 years and for the last 25 years I’ve been doing project management and owners representation on class-A offices, hospitals, and industrial facilities both here in Arizona as well as abroad.During that time, I have actually built at least three plastic injection molding facilities for firms such as Rubbermaid, Thompson industries, and others.

“Your Product Certainly Meets That Expectation.”

I realize how difficult it is to maintain a high-quality product.  Your product certainly meets that expectation. The only issue I’m trying to get used to is the sound of walking across the finished surface and the “pitter-patter” of my dog’s nails on the plastic surface.  I did place the geotechnical fabric under the system and I’m certainly glad that I did.

Tom’s Order:

  • 262 Grey TrueLock HDXT Coin Tiles
  • 24 Black TrueLock HDXT Coin Tiles
  • 55 Blue TrueLock HDXT Coin Tiles
  • 106 Red TrueLock HDXT Coin Tiles
  • 105 White TrueLock HDXT Coin Tiles
  • 19 1.75 inch Black Female Edges

The Photos:

TrueLock HDXT Coin Tiles

Red, White, Blue TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles.

Small Coin Tiles

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