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Black Small Coin Garage Floor Mat

Jaymi’s BLT Small Coin Garage Mats

“The Product is Awesome and Easy to Work With.” – Jaymi

Jaymi installed Black BLT Small Coin mats in her garage and added a Hilway Direct Plus finish and protective coating. Her garage went from ordinary to absolutely beautiful. The BLT mats are easy to install; simply roll out and trim to fit. Additionally, there is a light texture on the small coins, minimizing slipping risk. The Hilway Direct Plus is a floor finish, cleaner, and maintainer. To install as a finish, simply apply the product on with a mop and let dry, as Jaymi did.

“Always Available and Very Attentive”

Sami, one of our awesome garage flooring experts was able to assist Jaymi in the garage transformation process. Jaymi shared in her 5-star google review that Sami was attentive, great at giving instructions, and delivered service with a smile. At our small business, customer service is our top priority, Jaymi’s recognition of our staff’s efforts mean the world to us.

Jaymi’s Words:

The whole experience with this company has been amazing 👏. Sami is terrific at answering all my questions. She delivers service with a smile. She is always available and very attentive. Her instructions were very detailed. I love the midnight black small coin mats for my 2 car garage. The product is awesome and easy to work with. My friends are also thinking of ordering mats for their garage. I recommended that they call Sami directly. Thanks!



Plain Garage Floor

Hilway Application:

Hilway Installation

Mop on floor





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