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TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles in Airplane Hangar

This Airplane hangar project was HUGE! And, it was nothing short of extraordinary. We are not responsible for passengers wanting to stay on the ground and admire the beauty of this floor – though we’ll admit that the plane looks pretty cool too. The project includes a high concentration of Silver TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles. Additionally, the hangar includes yellow, orange, black, and red TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles that mark zones.

As indicated by the fact that there is a plane on them, these tiles are strong. The TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles combine the engineering of a proven tile backing with a modern and sleek diamond profile. We can’t speak highly enough of the tiles, but see them for yourself by ordering free samples.


HDXT Diamond Tile project

Airplane on TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles

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