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TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles

Brandon’s Garage Masterpiece – TrueLock HD Ribbed Tile Project

“Love the Way This Flooring Turned Out!” – Brandon

Brandon’s luxury vehicle now has a luxury home to sleep in. This garage is astonishing! Brandon installed the TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles, which are currently on sale. The floor features graphite tiles in the center, alloy in the perimeter band, black in the full perimeter, and red highlights. The floor pattern is unique and truly the work of an artist!

The TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles are a popular choice amongst our customers because of their beauty and function. The beauty of the tiles is made obvious in the photos. See it for yourself by ordering free samples. The ribs of the tiles allow debris to fall through them, keeping your surface perpetually clean. Easily clean under the tiles with a shop-vac. Then, these tiles perform at high levels. The tiles can handle an excess of 36,000 pounds of rolling weight. Additionally, they are proven to be fungus and chemical resistant.

His Words:

The R8 finally gets to sleep inside again. Floor from Garage Flooring LLC went down super easy in a few hours, plus an hour or so to cut and trim the last side. Love the way this flooring turned out! Thank you for a great product and continued customer service.

Brandon’s Photos:

Ribbed garage floor tile

Ribbed garage floor tiles

Ribbed Garage Floor Tiles

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