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Top 20 Garages Flooring Projects Of 2020

Let’s be real. It has been a wild year…to say the least. There is not a whole lot of 2020 we wan’t to  look back on. However, there are a few silver linings. First, the support that we have received from our customers over the past year has been phenomenal. Thank you, for keeping our business strong, for allowing us to be apart of your “quarantine” home improvements, for choosing our small business in a wild time.

Then, there have been some AMAZING garage floor projects over the past year. Here are twenty of our favorites.

Dion’s Awesome Garage:

Dion installed the TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles in January…remember January? This garage is absolutely jaw-dropping.

TrueLock HD Ribbed Floor

Brandon’s Garage Masterpiece

Brandon installed the TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles in late December. This project was an amazing way to end the year.

TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles

Awesome Airplane Hangar

So maybe an airplane hangar is not what you expected, but most of 2020 wasn’t either. The difference? This Airplane hangar is unexpected in a good way. The project is a combination of the TrueLock HD Ribbed and TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles.

HDXT Diamond Tile project

Tom’s Epoxy Project:

Tom started out with a damaged, cracked, and spalled concrete. With some hard work and an epoxy product, he turned the garage into something beautiful, though slightly imperfect. Check out William’s project!

Epoxy Garage Floor

Kelli’s Quarantine Project

Kelli’s garage has a ribbed garage floor with a containment mat on top of it. This floor is beautiful and protected from the winter elements.

Ribbed Tiles

David’s Jaw-dropping Workshop

David’s free-flow garage floor tiles make this workshop pop!

Ribbed Garage Floors

Jason’s Contest Winning Garage

This garage design is absolutely mesmerizing. Jason used the TrueLock HDXT Small Coin tiles and the TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles. He won a Garage Goals contest with the BMWCCA, and we are not surprised.

Rainbow Ribbed Tiles and Silver Small Coin tiles

Ribbed Tiles in Russell’s Garage

This car. The ribbed garage floor tiles. Simply put, Russell’s garage is awesome.

Ribbed garage floor tiles

Andrew’s Creative Car Design

We love seeing cars on our garage floors, but a car in the garage floor is a very unique twist! Andrew installed the TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles.

Car and Garage Floor Tiles

Carrie’s Flower Design

Continuing the pattern of unique designs, Carrie designed a flower for the garage. This design is made with TrueLock Diamond tiles.

Garage Floor Tiles

Ash’s Garage Transformation

Ash installed the TrueLock HD Diamond Tiles and recorded an install video. The transformation is amazing!

TrueLock HD Diamond Garage Tiles

Gary’s TrueLock HDXT Coin Floor

Gary installed the TrueLock HDXT Coin garage floor tiles. He created a unique and eye-catching garage floor design.

TrueLock HDXT Coin Garages

Jessica’s Supernatural Garage

This garage impressed us! Jessica installed a Polyurea kit with glow-in-the-dark flake. Simply put, this garage just glows.

Glowing Garage

Troy’s Ribbed Tile Project

This black and yellow garage may just remind you of your favorite song. Troy used ribbed garage floor tiles in this garage.

Ribbed Garage Floor

Russ’s Beautiful TrueLock HDXT Diamond Floor

Russ installed the TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles. The three-car garage is beautiful!

TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles

Wayne’s Optical Illusion

Wayne installed the TrueLock HD Diamond Tiles. The photos of this garage are almost like an optical illusion – we cannot stop looking at them!

Checkerboard Garage Floor

Lynn’s TrueLock HDXT Coin Project

Lynn’s garage is beautiful! She installed the TrueLock HDXT Coin garage floor tiles.

TrueLock HDXT Coin Tiles

William’s ‘Square’ TrueLock HDXT Coin Floor

We need this consistent and neat pattern in our life. William installed the TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles.

TrueLock HDXT Coin Garage

James Ribbed Garage Floor

James installed red and silver ribbed garage floor tiles. The floor is stunning.

Red and Silver Ribbed tiles

Wayne’s Car Capsule

Wayne’s installed the TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles in his car capsule. The protective capsule is perfect.

Tiles in Car Capsule

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