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TrueLock PVC Tiles

Justin’s TrueLock PVC Coin Tile Project

This is a great project! Justin installed the TrueLock PVC Coin tiles in his three-car garage. The red, grey, and black tiles look awesome in the garage! After installing the tiles, Justin used the Hilway Direct Primo Gloss to finish the floor and prevent tire stains.

The TrueLock PVC Coin tiles are an excellent addition to the space. The tiles are American-Made, water-resistant, and flexible. The tiles are a great option for those who want something softer than a rigid tile.

Justin’s Order

  • 84 Dark Grey TrueLock PVC Coin Tiles
  • 81 Red TrueLock PVC Coin Tiles
  • 82 Black TrueLock PVC Coin Tiles
  • 100 Black TrueLock PVC Edging & Reducer
  • 1 Hilway Direct Primo Gloss

Justin’s Photos

Red, Black, and Gray PVC Tiles

PVC Flexible Tiles


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