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Scott’s Garage Transformation

Scott’s transformation is amazing. Before; the bare concrete and disorganization make the garage appear as a catch-all area, that would be difficult to walk through. After; Scott’s garage is beautifully organized and the floor features the TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles. The garage is now a beautiful space that is officially a part of the house that anyone would want to be in.

The TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles are a beautiful addition to the garage. The low profile of the diamonds allows for creepers and other rolling objects to easily roll across the floor. The tiles feature a modern sleek diamond combined with a time-tested backing to ensure durability.

Scott’s Order:

  • 238 Grey TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles
  • 160 Black TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles
  • 123 Red TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles

Scott’s Photos


Messy Garage


Garage Floor Tiles Coin

Red, grey, and black garage floor tiles

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