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The Polyurea Garage floor With the Flakes

Elisaveta’s Polyurea Coating

“Great Product and even Better Customer Service.” – Elisaveta

Elisaveta installed a Polyurea coating and an epoxy vapor barrier on her garage floor. We are thrilled with how beautiful this garage is! Elisaveta tells us that they “couldn’t be happier.” The AWF polyurea is a single-component coating that is durable and easy to install, because of its virtually unlimited pot life. The nature of the product allows for fewer mistakes during installation because you can take your time with the process.

The Review:

Great product and even better customer service. Justin was always available for assistance. Since it was the first time I used any type of garage floor covering, I called Justin a few times during the process. He always gave me helpful instructions. He also guided me on how to prepare my garage floor for the coating. Just to clarify, my garage floor was badly stained and uneven. I purchased the polyurea garage floor coating and I cannot be happier with it. Also, I purchased and applied the epoxy vapor barrier prior to applying the polyurea coating. I had no extra hand to help me with the physical work, but the process still went smoothly. The floor looks great and it is so easy to maintain. I would strongly recommend the product.



Grey Polyurea with Flake

Close up of garage floor coating and flake

Grey Polyurea with Flake

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