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Polyurea Coated Garage

Lon’s Amazing Transformation with Polyurea

Lon takes garage transformation to a whole new level. Not only did Lon install a polyurea coating, but he replaced the entire garage floor concrete. We are incredibly impressed with this transformation. Before, Lon’s floor was severely cracked. Through a long and probably not very easy process, Lon has a new beautiful floor coated with the AWF Polyurea and heavy broadcasted of flake. Check out the process by scrolling through the photos placed of this project.

The AWF Polyurea is a single-component garage floor coating that is easy to install, durable, and beautiful. Our polyurea kits come with a selection of flake blends for a heavy broadcast installation. However, different color and broadcast options are also available.

Lon’s Words:

The polyurea coating system was very easy to apply. This was a 280 sq ft area, and the 250-300 sq ft kit was more than enough for coverage! Aside from a few tools, needed consumables were provided and very high quality – no issues with shredding rollers as some report with other kits.
The Garage Flooring team was very helpful with advice and questions, with the company President responding near immediately from his phone! I felt they were truly invested in my success with their product.


Cracked Concrete

Tearing Out Old Concrete

Tearing Out Concrete

Concrete Drying

Wet Concrete

Post Diamond Etching

Dried Concrete

Finished Garage

Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

Polyurea Coated Garage

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