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Alloy, black, grey Racedeck Diamond tiles

Jeff’s RaceDeck Diamond Tiles

Wow! This garage is absolutely stunning. We love the plaid pattern of the garage and the beautiful wall decor.  Jeff installed the RaceDeck Diamond tiles in his garage.

The RaceDeck Diamond tiles come from a trusted brand in the Garage Flooring industry. The tiles have a low profile that is easy to roll over. Additionally, the tiles are designed to allow moisture to flow through them. Order free samples and compare them with the TrueLock HDXT Diamond tile, a low-profiled tile that is a new customer favorite.

Jeff’s Order:

  • 175 Black RaceDeck Diamond Tiles
  • 330 Alloy RaceDeck Diamond Tiles
  • 293 Graphite RaceDeck Diamond Tiles
  • 22 Black 1.75in Female Edges

The Photos:

RaceDeck Diamond Tiles

Plaid, black and grey racedeck Diamond Tiles

Racedeck Diamond Tiles with Lawnmower

Alloy, black, grey Racedeck Diamond tiles

Racedeck Diamond tiles: Plaid

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