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Polyurea Garage Floor

Matthew’s Polyurea Project

Matthew installed a three-coat polyurea garage floor system his garage. The floor looks great! In addition to looking good, the coating is durable and resistant to hot tire lifting. We absolutely love the polyurea product. Polyurea is easy to install because of its unlimited pot life. While the polyurea has its benefits, the drawback is the odor during installation, which is why a respirator and proper installation are required during the install process.

Matthew’s Review:

Great product — very pleased with the organization of the materials and instructions. If you are doing the polyurea coating, I would strongly recommend spending the $ on the three-coat version. That third coat made a significant difference in the thickness and I expect it will be much more durable. The biggest watch out w/ this product is to wear a good respirator. I got one for about $35 and am so thankful I did. Even with both garage doors open and a 15mph breeze, the smell is truly overpowering without one.


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