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Rickey Quote and Closeup

Rickey’s TrueLock HD Coin Garage

“They Offer a Quality Product and a Very Competitive Price.” – Rickey

Rickey installed the black and blue TrueLock HD Coin tiles in a checkerboard pattern.  His workout space looks amazing! The TrueLock HD Coin tiles are American-Made, Strong, and easy to clean.

The TrueLock HD Coin tiles are an excellent addition to many garage floors. Each coin is about the size of a quarter. For a smaller coin that is easier to roll over, check out our TrueLock HDXT Small Coin tiles. To compare different products, order free samples to see which tile is the best fit for you!

Rickey’s Words:

An exceptional company. They offer a quality product and a very competitive price. My flooring looks exceptional and I get a lot of compliments.


Black and Blue Coin Garage Floor Tiles

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