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Justin’s Tips for a 500-Sq. Ft Polyurea Kit

Justin’s Tips:

The following recommendations from Justin are regarding a 500 Square foot AWF Polyurea random broadcast two coat kit. The tips do not replace our instructions or information on the can. All other kits will vary.

Polyurea Stinks!

First, this stuff is designed not to come off. If you get it on your nose, your driveway, or your tools and call me on Monday and ask how to get it off, I am not going to have an answer for you. Long pants, long shirt, respirator, hat, gloves, glasses or goggles, etc. Keep some xylene or denatured alcohol for cleanup.

All ignition sources need to be off and you need constant ventilation

Prep By Making Piles

You should have 4 one-gallon cans, 4 quarts of Polyurea, and 3-quart cans of tint (they are not full). I would start by making piles

First Coat

  • 2 Gallons
  • 2 Quarts
  • 2 FULL Tint
  • 1 You will need to measure (see the first page of instructions but should be about 10 Fluid OZ)
  • Flake

Second Coat

  • 2 Gallons
  • 2 Quarts
  • Anti-Skid  I like about ½ cup per gallon

Ployurea is meant for inside use only. Make sure you run a tape line at the garage door. Typically we suggest closing the door, drawing a line on the inside and then taping on the outside of that line

Use a Five-Gallon Bucket

Once you have your piles, you can go ahead and mix the first pile up in a 5-gallon bucket (obviously not the flake). For orientation purposes, standing outside the garage looking in, with the overhead door as the front. I would start at the back left of the garage and DUMP all your color material in ribbons on the floor. Leave enough room to walk. Then start spreading about 3 feet from the back wall and work left to right.

Have a Helper

Once you get  6′ up that wall have a helper stand with their toes right at the wet line and start throwing flake. They will miss a small amount, and you will get it on the next pass. Just keep working through the garage like that.

2-6 hours later, you should be able to touch the floor with a gloved hand and not stick or have any color transfer.

Use Shoe Covers

We suggest shoe covers, so you do not leave impressions on the floor. You can work in lint-free socks if you are careful.

Shop-Vac the Floor

Take a shop vac and run it over the floor. You want to remove any flake that did not stick and knock down any that landed on an angle.

Use ALL the Material

Here is the thing on the clear. You have to work from a paint tray, but you MUST use all the material. It will feel like an effort, but you need to build the Mil thickness. You should know how that feels from the first coat.

The Second Coat

Mix the 2 gallons, two quarts, and the antiskid in a bucket. If there are air bubbles, let them come out. Pour some into a paint tray and start working in small sections again across that back section. This time, every three feet, backroll. (dry roller, reach over the area you just coated and pull back to you with no pressure.)

Remix Anti-Skid

Continue this way, making sure you remix every time you add more to the paint tray. That anti-skid settles fast and will look blotchy otherwise.

Stay Off the Floor

When you are done, walk away and stay off the floor for 72 hours @ 70 degrees or 7 days if your temperature gets below that at night.

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