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Polyurea Turned Out Great

Tyler’s Heavy Broadcast Polyurea Project

“It all turned out great” – Tyler

Tyler installed a 500 sq. ft. polyurea kit with the B411 flake in his garage. The floor looks amazing and is even dog-approved (see photo below). Tyler took a before photo featuring the to-be-installed products. That photo illustrates some of what our polyurea kits contain; the polyurea, flake, tint, a few roller covers, and antiskid.

If you are installing the polyurea, you will also want a 5-gallon bucket on hand for mixing, some paintbrushes for hard-to-reach areas, and a NIOSH-approved respirator. Of course, you will also need the materials to complete the prep work – in many garages an acid-etch is the preferable prep method for Polyurea.

The All-Weather Floors polyurea is a single-component system that provides excellent chemical resistance and high durability. The product is easier to install than epoxy because of its extended pot life.



Before installation of polyurea


Brown dog walking on polyurea garage


Closeup of Polyurea product


Polyurea with B411 flake

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