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Garage Floor Coating and Grey Cabinets

Mike’s Garage

“It’s been a while since I used your products but just wanted to say how awesome it’s been.” – Mike

Mike installed a garage floor coating in his garage. The space was completely transformed. As far as coatings go, we offer a few different options depending on the desires of the customer.

Of course, we have the product that everyone knows – epoxy. We offer both high-solids and 100%-solids systems. There are very few occasions in which we would recommend that a DIY customer attempt to install an 100% system in their garage.

Another system that we offer is the All-Weather Floors Polyurea. This system is more expensive than the epoxy, but is much easier to install, because of its virtually unlimited pot-life, and has a higher UV resistance. This system does require that you install it with a respirator.

The new system that we offer is called TruAlloy. This system is an aluminum-pigmented aliphatic moisture-cured urethane. Like the polyurea, the system is single-component, easy to install, and very durable. One difference from the Polyurea is that the TruAlloy has been tested for exterior applications. We offer three different types of systems for this product that range from a simply protective system to a decorative system that also protects the floor.

Whatever coating system, tile, or mat that your choose, we are here for you. Give us a call at 800-956-4301.

Depending on the type of coating system that you use, you may need a different prep method. If you have a previous coating system on the floor, you will need to grind the concrete off. In many cases, you can acid etch an uncoated or untreated floor to prep before the polyurea or TruAlloy. Because Mike had a previous, cheap coating from a large-box store, he had to grind the floor down to prep for his garage floor coating.

Photos of Mike’s Garage:


Bare Concrete

Prepping Concrete


Grey Coating with Flake

Grey Garage Floor Coating

Garage Floor Coating and Grey Cabinets


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