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Tile Garage Floor with Mat on top

Jim’s Garage Floor: TrueLock Tiles & a BLT Mat

“Look’s Great” -Jim

Jim installed the TrueLock HD Coin tiles in his 380 Sq. Ft. garage. On top of the tiles, he rolled out a BLT garage floor mat to park his 1965 car on. The grey TrueLock HD Coin tiles look awesome in Jim’s garage with the BLT mats. While the tiles are chemical resistant, having a mat under a leak for easy cleaning can be a good idea.

Jim’s Experience

Your interlocking flooring went down real easy, and I only needed an 18-volt saber saw and a hole saw and a straight edge and a marker, and two clamps to hold the pieces I had to cut.  Just clamp them to the sawhorse after I measure & mark them and zip cut nice and easy.  I really enjoyed installing the flooring.  I added a garage floor mat to park my car on as it is a 1965 and don’t want leaks to get on the floor!

Before installing the tiles, I had to remove all the old felt insulation between the garage floor and cement foundation and caulk it in with concrete caulking (18 tubes!), patch and sand and paint the foundation, tile the step-up where the washer and dryer go finally install the flooring and the mat!

A lot of work, but looks great!  Thanks for your product, and glad you had a calculator on the order site to figure out how much to buy – it was perfect – had 1 piece leftover and 3/4 of one I had to cut.  I would have had two more leftovers but made a couple of wrong cuts.

The Photos:


Messy Garage on Bare Concrete

After: Grey Tiles with Black Mat on top



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