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"Excellent Product" with Small Coin tiles

Tony’s TLHDXT Small Coin Garage Floor

Tony installed the TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles in his 400 sq ft. garage. We are so impressed with the transformation of his garage! Tony’s garage has checkerboard patterns contained in the parking spaces. Each parking space has red borders. Outside of the parking spaces are grey tiles. The entire garage floor has a border of black tiles.  Tony’s garage floor looks sleek and is very durable.

The TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles feature a small coin pattern with a light texture on each small coin. The size of the coins promotes easy rolling and the light texture creates traction. We love these tiles!

Tony’s Order:

204 Grey TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles

124 Black TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles

72 Red TrueLock HDXT Coin Tiles

25 Female Black TrueLock HDXT Edges

20 Male Black TrueLock HDXT Edges



Bare Concrete


Black, Grey, and Red Small Coin tiles

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