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Ribbed Garage Floor Tiles

Larry’s Ribbed Garage Floor Tiles

“It Looks Great”

Larry installed purple and black ribbed garage floor tiles. This fun-colored garage looks awesome and is extremely durable. We love the modified checkerboard pattern. The ribbed tiles are a customer favorite because they allow debris to fall through the tiles, rather than remaining on the surface of the tile. Underneath the tile can be cleaned with a shop-vac, while in the meantime, the surface of the floor is cleaner to walk on.

Larry’s Review:

All is well with my new garage floor. I am quite happy with it, it looks great.  The flooring is all you advertise it to be.  Thank you for your service.. oh and by the way, I  am a builder, and I will be recommending your company and this product to all my customers.

The Photos:

Installing the Ribbed Flooring


Black and Purple Ribbed Tiles

Ribbed Garage Floor


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