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Grey and Red tiled garage

Lee’s TrueLock HD Ribbed Garage Floor

“Easy to work with” -Lee.

In Lee’s words, these tiles are “great stuff.” Lee installed graphite and red TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles in his 600 sq ft garage. The garage looks amazing! Opting for graphite rather than black in a checkerboard pattern can prevent debris from “sticking out” on the tile. Ribbed tiles are an amazing addition to many garages – they are beautiful and durable. Additionally, they allow debris to fall through the tile, leaving a clean surface on top.

While we love these tiles, we encourage you to check them out for yourself by ordering free samples.

Lee’s Experience:

I have gotten a lot of comments from my neighbors about my floor.  Your product was really easy to work with.  It cut easily with a jigsaw, and I was able to just tap it in place with a rubber mallet.  Great stuff.  My brother and my son-in-law already have the same product in their garages; they are both very happy with their floors and that was one of the reasons I chose Garage Flooring LLC of CO for my floor!

Lee’s Photos:

Red and Graphite Ribbed Tiles with Red Car on top

Ribbed tiles with checkerboard pattern

Red and Graphite TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles

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