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Clear Polyurea, "the price and service were great"

Dirk’s Clear Polyurea Project

“The website is filled with extremely useful information” -Dirk.

Dirk installed the clear polyurea on his concrete. The floor looks amazing! Clear polyurea adds a beautiful gloss and brings out the natural beauty of concrete. Polyurea is also available in more traditional colors.

As Dirk points out, we have a variety of information on our website so that you can be informed. We also have experts available in the office to take phone calls from 7 am to 6 pm Mountain time to answer any of your questions.

“I would caution would-be customers is to set aside a lot of time to prep and apply.”

Because Polyurea is a coating, it takes time to apply. Prep is necessary before any coating. Because the coating can Then between each coat of polyurea, it is necessary to wait between two to six hours. Naturally, during the install, the space needs to be clear. Installation instructions are available here. If you desire an installation that is easier or takes less time, you may consider a mat or tile to cover your garage floor.

Dirk’s Review:

The website is filled with extremely useful information. Read it carefully and then reach out to the staff who are very helpful in making recommendations.

Overall, felt the price and service were great. The only thing I would caution to would-be customers is to set aside a lot of time to prep and apply. I might be slower than most, but 650 sq ft of a clear polyurea took me 16 hours to install not including removing everything from my garage.


AWF Clear Polyurea
Clear Polyurea

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