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Graphite TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles with "looks absolutely great"

Gee’s TrueLock HDXT Coin Tiles

“Easy to install and it looks absolutely great. The tiles are very strong and durable, easy to mop up also” -Gee.

Gee installed Grey TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles in his garage. The floor looks awesome! The TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles are an excellent choice for garages meant to be worked in. If you will spend a significant amount of time rolling toolboxes or using creepers, this tile is for you. The light texture promotes traction while the small close-together coins allow for objects to easily roll over the floor.

If you are interested in the small coin tiles, we highly recommend ordering a free sample. If you want to order more than two samples, send us an email request to service@garageflooringllc.com.

Gee’s Garage

Grey Silver TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles

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