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Graphite and Alloy Tiles with quote, "the floor looks fantastic"

Tom’s TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles

“The floor looks fantastic. I spent Sunday installing it and it was a breeze.” -Tom

Tom installed the graphite and alloy TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles over a previous coating. The results are outstanding. Before, Tom’s floor seems to be a victim of hot-tire lifting, leaving the coating splotchy and uneven. To bring some new life into his garage, he installed tiles over the damaged coating – an easy process that he describes as a “breeze.”

Tiles are an excellent option over damaged coatings or previous sealers. They do not require removing the coating underneath, a process that takes a lot of time and effort. For uncoated and untreated garages, we recommend a B4 floor prep to protect the concrete under the tiles. Then, the installation is also relatively simple.

If you are looking for a coating, the best way to ensure protection against damage is to call us and allow us to guide you in the best direction for a garage floor coating and its installation. Polyurea and TruAlloy are extremely heat resistant and won’t lift under hot tires. Our epoxy coatings are strong and durable, but correct installation is pertinent. Thankfully, we make ordering the “right” coating easy by providing the materials needed for install in kits.

Tom’s Photos:


Ruined Epoxy Floor

Process Photos:

Beginning the garage floor project

Finished Project:

Alloy and Graphite Tiles with Boxes on Top

Alloy and Grey Tiles

Alloy and Graphite Checkerboard tiles with white car


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