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Adventure Dad’s TruAlloy Installation Video

“The service I received over the phone and via email was OUTSTANDING!” – Tyler

Tyler installed a TruAlloy Garage Floor Coating and put together this phenomenal video that captures the installation process. This fun video will allow you to have an inside look at one of our new garage floor coatings. If you have more questions regarding this product, we encourage you to give us a call at 1-800-956-4301.

The Video:

Tyler’s Review:

Note: Tyler’s full explanation of his process is in the description section of his Youtube video.

Beautiful Garage Floors- not really my style. I like dirty old garage floors that show a lifetime of work. It may sound odd but it is a personal preference.  Several calls to Garage Flooring, LLC resulted in prompt service, direct answers, and an overall sense of purpose from the company. I wanted to just go down to my local big box store and buy Rustoleum but their crack/joint fill products did not seem to solve my issues and the cost was getting out of hand by the time I lined up all of the Rustoleum products I would need. Garage Flooring ensured me I would not need anything besides their basic kit- and they weren’t lying. I had extra of almost every product they sent. I often choose products based on customer service. The service I received over the phone and via email was OUTSTANDING! Made my choice easy in the end. I am not affiliated with Garage Flooring, LLC and paid full cost for all products used. I purchased one 2 gallon kit of the TL829 No Grind Flex Joint Filler. This is a two-part product that is mixed evenly prior to installation. 

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