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Red car on ribbed garage floor tiles

Nick’s Ribbed Floor Project

“Awesome Transformation” – Nick.

For Nick, a new homeowner, the ribbed garage floor tiles are a part of his garage’s awesome transformation. We love how he designed the floor using black, red, and graphite to create a sleek space.

The ribbed garage floor tiles allow debris to fall through the tile. This allows you to have a debris-free space to walk on. When you’re ready to clean the space, simply use a shop-vac to clean through the gaps in the tile.

Nick’s Review:

Love my new floors, y’all. As a new homeowner, I was most looking forward to building out my garage. The ribbed tiles certainly helped with this awesome transformation. Thank you!

The Photos:

Before: Bare Concrete in Before photo After: Black, Red, Graphite Ribbed Tiles with cool car

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