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Charle's Ribbed Garage Floor

Charles’ Free-Flow & Carpet-Tile Garage

“Very Happy with the Combination” – Charles

Charles installed the RaceDeck® Free-Flow and SnapCarpet garage floor tiles in his roughly 700 square foot garage. The floor looks phenomenal. Our RaceDeck® tiles can be mixed with different patterns and are compatible with the SnapCarpet tiles. We love his combination of red, grey, and black tiles.

“I am so happy I chose this over an epoxy finish” -Charles.

Every customer has different desires for their garage floor. Our job? To help you find the best solution for your floor. For Charles, the best solution was tiles. For a different customer, we might recommend a coating. With whatever direction you are considering, we are happy to be your guides – just give us a call at 1-800-956-4301.

Charles’ Review:

So far I’m very happy with the combination of free-flow and carpet tiles. No puddles on the floor, a little “luxury” by the door and storage areas, and lots of “WOW” comments from visitors. I am so happy I chose this over an epoxy finish.

The Photos:

Graphite Free-Flow Tiles

Grey floor with red and black accent

Ribbed Garage Floor Tiles

Red car and corner of tile design

Red Car on Free-Flow tiles

Black, Red, Grey Ribbed Garage Floor Tiles


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