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Checkerboard RaceDeck® Free-Flow® tiles with black car and quote that says "project turned out great"

RaceDeck® Free-Flow® Tile in Daniel’s Garage

Daniel installed the RaceDec® Free-Flow® Tiles in his beautiful 600 sq. ft. garage. We love how his floor looks and how awesome his cars look on it. His choice of tile is great for his garage. The RaceDeck® brand is well-known by garage enthusiasts everywhere. We love his design. His garage features a classic black and alloy checkerboard pattern – perfect for the garage as we recommend avoiding white tiles. Then, he added a little twist to his garage floor design: a beige border around the perimeter that adds a touch of luxury to his garage. We are super impressed with how his garage transformed from a dusty concrete room to a beautiful space.

Daniel’s tiles are one of the easiest to manage because water and debris can fall through the tile – leaving a safe space to walk on until he is ready to go over it with a shop-vac. Cleaning the RaceDeck® Free-Flow® tiles is fairly simple. Take your favorite shop-vac and run it over each gap in the tiles for a deep clean.

Daniel’s garage features a wall-to-wall installation. This type of installation covers the entire floor, with the exception of a small gap for expansion and contraction. At the garage door, Daniel added edging to create a finished look. In this type of installation, most of the floor goes down quickly, so long as you follow the instructions. At two of the four edges of the garage, it may be necessary to trim the tiles to fit. Because miscalculations can happen, we recommend ordering a few extra tiles.

Wonder if the RaceDeck® Free-Flow® Tiles are for you? Give us a call at 1-800-956-4301 or chat with us on our website so that we can help you find the best product for your garage.

Daniel’s RaceDeck® Free-Flow® Tile Order:

  • 192 Alloy Tiles
  • 120 Beige Tiles
  • 288 Black  Tiles
  • 30 Female Black Edges

Photos of Daniel’s Floor

Before & After:

Before and After RaceDeck® Free-Flow® tiles

Two Black Cars on Black,Alloy, Beige RaceDeck® Free-Flow®Tiles

Beauty Shot of Black Car on RaceDeck® Free-Flow® tiles

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