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Tan Polyurea with quote "the floor came out amazing"

Tan Polyurea: Jeff’s Garage Floor Project

Jeff installed the Tan Polyurea in his garage. This coating is extremely durable and relatively easy to install. We love how he chose the tan color for his floor. This coating is available in other colors as well.

All-Weather Floors Polyurea coating is an excellent choice for a person who wants a strong garage floor coating without the hassle of epoxy. Unlike epoxy, the single-component polyurea has an extended pot life – allowing you to take your time with the installation. Having the extra time for the install means fewer mistakes.  It is easiest to install the polyurea in a garage where there is no previous coating and little-to-no concrete damage.

Jeff’s Review of the Tan Polyurea:

Jeff left us a five-star review on google and told us:

Jeff did an awesome job in getting your flooring materials to my brand new office location.  We were on a time crunch around Thanksgiving time and he & your team got us everything we needed just in time.  The floor came out amazing!!!

The Photos:

Prep Work & Installation

Jeff chose to grind his floor in preparation for the tan polyurea. With this coating, the floor can either be acid-etched or ground for preparation. If there is a previous coating on the floor, it is necessary to grind before installing the coating.

Prepping the floor for tan polyurea

Because Polyurea has an unlimited pot life, you can take your time with the installation process. There is no pour-and-squeegee rapid process necessary, as with epoxy, because it is a single-component system.

Installing tan polyurea

Applying flake is very simple; we recommend tossing the flake up in the air so that the flakes are distributed evenly. The flake adds some “oomph” to the tan polyurea.

Tossing flake on the tan polyurea

Finished Project

The tan polyurea looks amazing in this space. We appreciate how Jeff chose to install the coating in a portion of his garage to maximize the function of his workspace.

Tan Polyurea in Jeff's garage

Garage with half bare concrete and half polyurea

Tan polyurea garage

Entering the garage with tan polyurea

Ladder and Tan Polyurea



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