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Orange, Yellow, and Black Checkerboard TrueLock Diamond Tiles

TrueLock Diamond Tiles: Manoj’s Garage

Manoj installed the TrueLock Diamond tiles in his garage. The space looks phenomenal. He designed the garage with three checkerboard spaces surrounded by a grey border, with red tiles filling in the gaps between the checkerboard space. This garage is the perfect space for Manoj to use all his favorite detailing products. The tiles allow for liquids to flow through the tiles and evaporate naturally, avoiding mold growth. If you plan on using a lot of products that may fall through the tiles, it may be good to use the B4 tile floor prep or a sealant to protect the concrete underneath the tiles.

The TrueLock Diamond tiles are durable, American-made, and sold in packs of ten. The tiles have a six-lock system and a raised diamond profile. The tiles are NOT compatible with the TrueLock HD or HDXT line of tiles. We highly recommend requesting samples before ordering the tiles. We offer free samples so that customers know exactly what they are getting – we believe that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. If you have any questions about any of our tiles or mats, simply give us a call at 1-900-856-4301.

Like our other tiles, the TrueLock Diamond tiles are easy to install. In many cases, customers tell us that they finished their tile installation in a few hours. Our garage flooring tiles connect together and can be trimmed at the wall of the garage. For a wall-to-wall installation, edges only need to be installed at the garage door, or other garage openings as desired.

Manoj’s TrueLock Diamond Tile Garage:

Manoj has a unique design; there are orange and black checkerboard spaces as well as yellow and black checkerboard spaces made with different colors of tile. One of the greatest benefits of installing tiles is that the garage is highly customizable with a variety of colors and patterns that are available.

Orange And Black TrueLock Diamondtiles in a garage

Orange and Black Checkerboard TrueLock Diamond tiles in Workshop

Orange and black TrueLock Diamond tiles checkerboard with grey border

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