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TruContain Containment Mat with quotation, "very satisfied"

TruContain Containment Mat: Larry’s Unboxing

“Shipped Quickly” – Larry.

Larry installed the TruContain HD Containment mat in his garage. Our containment mats are a no-frills solution to all the snow, salt, and mud that comes with winter, and try to destroy the concrete in your garage. The product is simple; roll out the mat and park on it. When the snow melts off your vehicle, the mat contains the water and other debris for an easy clean-up later. This product is perfect for garages in regions that have long and snowy winters.

Larry purchased an 8’6″ X 20′ TruContain HD Containment mat. The size of mat that you would order naturally depends on the size of your vehicle. We have a calculator available to help you find the best-sized mat for your car. For high-use environments, we recommend purchasing an “HD” mat as opposed to a regular containment mat. We recommend the HD mats because they have 33% heavier fabric than the original mats. The HD mats proved themselves in Canada and are great for where they may be under more wear and tear.

As Larry noted, our mats ship quickly. They come straight from our warehouse in Colorado. When ordered by noon MST on a business day, we send the mats out the same day you purchase them. Otherwise, we ship them out the next business day.

Larry’s Review on TruContain HD Containment Mat

I chose to buy direct and bypass Amazon this time to help a small business. I purchased the 8.6 x 20 garage floor containment mat. My first impression is that I am highly satisfied. I ordered this as a Christmas gift for ourselves. Item was shipped quickly and arrived on Christmas eve. Very satisfied….will update once it has seen its first Midwest snowstorm.

The Video:

After giving us a five-star review on google, Larry shared photos of his TruContain Containment mat unboxing. His images are featured in the video – so that you know what to expect when you order yours.

TruContain Containment Mat – Larry’s Photos:

We double-box our containment mats to ensure the best protection during shipping!

TruContain Containment Mat in Brown Box

When you unbox the TruContain Containment mats, you will receive a squeegee piece with the product. Cleaning the mat is super easy with the squeegee.

Unboxing the TruContain HD Containment mat

To install the mat, roll it out! At each corner, place the velcro corners on the bottom of the mat to adhere to the concrete.

Rolled Out TruContain Containment Mat

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