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Tan polyurea with flake

Tan Polyurea: Clint’s Garage

Clint’s Awesome Garage

Clint installed the tan polyurea and added a woodland flake. The floor looks great and the flake adds a nice touch. The AWF Polyurea is an awesome coating. It is available in a variety of different colors and can be combined with a virtually limitless number of flake combinations.

Not only can you customize the coating to your style, but the Polyurea has an easier installation process. For concrete without a previous coating that is in decent shape, you can acid-etch the floor to prepare the surface and avoid the hassle related to grinding. Then, because the polyurea has an extended pot life, you can take your time with the installation.

We are thrilled with how awesome this garage turned out!

Clint’s Photos:

A close-up of the tan polyurea in Clint’s garage.

Close-up of tan polyurea with flake

Tan polyurea with flake

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