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Garage Flooring Inc vs Garage Flooring LLC

At Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado (Garage Flooring LLC) we are often asked what the difference is between our products and the products that are sold by a company with a similar name — Garage Flooring Inc. First, we have to be clear that Garage Flooring Inc is a division of Inc stores and we are not affiliated with them. They reserve the right to their name and this article is for comparison’s sake only.

The first thing to understand is we did not become the market leader by putting down our competition and we do not intend to do so now. Given the similarities between the two names we felt it was important to highlight the differences.

American Made Garage Flooring Products

We believe one of the biggest differences between Garage Flooring and our competitors is our focus on American-made quality. While our competitors may focus on making products overseas that look like their American Made counterparts, when compared side by side, the difference is apparent! We do offer some imported products like NORSK and TruContain. The difference is these are not ‘Me too” products that simply look like something Made in the USA. The products we do import offer unique features to products we have been able to source locally. That said our American-made products are our focus.

Straight Forward Pricing

While many of our listings will show our price as a sale price as compared to MSRP, our pricing is very straightforward. Some companies, like Garge Flooring Inc advertise huge discounts based on sales that expire soon. Typically the next sale starts right away. We often will see sales for 28% off, but when you do the math, you are really only getting 3% off the current price. That’s ok. We just do business differently. At Garage Flooring LLC, our sale prices are our sale prices. Our coupons offer a straightforward discount on non-sale items. We do not inflate our prices to offer massive discounts. Our prices are, in most cases, guaranteed to be the lowest price on the market.

No Bait and Switch

We have noticed some competitors advertising a price, but when you select most colors, that price changes. Our price is our price regardless of if you want black or blue. In some rare cases when an extra coat of polyurea is required or a special pigment is used, there might be some variation. But if we advertise a tile for $2.99 that goes for all colors — and like we mentioned before, it is typically not a sale that expires tomorrow.

Full Size Rigid Garage Floor Tile Samples

We are very proud of our American Made garage floor tiles. When you request samples, we send two, full-sized pieces. This generally costs considerably more than small samples but it is the best way to illustrate the quality of our product. How do you know how well a tie locks if you cant test it? How do you know how rigid a tile is based on a small sample? We believe you need more than a color swatch before ordering garage floor tiles and that is why w send full-size tiles.

Full thickness tiles

Our tiles are about 1/2″ thick. Many of the imports are substantially thinner. Perhaps that is another reason why they only send small samples…..

Engineered Tile and Substrate

Our tiles have been ASTM tested and the substrate provides a significant advantage over look-a-like products from companies like Garage Flooring Inc and others. We do not mean that as a criticism. Inexpensive or cheap garage floor tiles have their place. But when you turn our tile over and you turn their tile over, the difference in engineering and in the substrate are important to notice. Look at our locks and how they tie in. Look at how close our substrate supports are. This is why our tiles are heavier and stronger than imported products. You will also notice that certain imports scuff and scratch very easily with minimal pressure from your thumbnail. While all tiles scratch we were shocked at how easily some competitors’ tiles are marred.

American Made Garage Floor Mats from G-Floor

We have looked at importing garage floor mats and rolls like the Nitro product. The dilemma is being prerolled in the fashion that Notro mats are means the mats are very difficult to get to relax. When you see pictures you will often see a curve, a flat spot, and then another curve. In many cases, imported products use a different top material than the core material. G-Floor uses quality material all the way through.

We Don’t Use Call Centers or Minimum Wage Labor

Happy employees that know the product means happy customers that love their product. Our team is assembled to present you with the best options. We are all based in Grand Junction, CO and we never use contracted call centers. We train our team and treat them well and they take good care of our customers. Our team is small, well trained, and very knowledgeable. Our owner is in the office and on the phone. Regardless of how you communicate with us — phone, chat, email, or even text, you are always communicating with our Grand Junction-based team.

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