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TrueLock HD Coin Tiles: Ken’s Garage

Ken’s garage looks amazing! Ken installed the TrueLock HD Coin tiles in his garage; the floor is very well-designed. The garage features a unique design that combines red, alloy, black, graphite, and blue garage floor tiles. The TrueLock HD coin tiles are American-made, durable, and affordable. The tiles have passed ASTM standards for fungus resistance and compression vs. crush.

To create a unique design for your garage, we highly recommend taking advantage of our garage floor tile designer. This designer allows you to create the pattern or design of your dreams on “paper” first. Then, you can save or check out with your design so that you have all the tiles required to install your garage floor.

Ken’s Experience – In His Words

– It was overwhelming at first. I found myself at 3 am in the garage measuring and thinking about how I wanted it to look.
– Small steps and getting rid of useless stuff got me headed in the right direction. (I found “inversion boots” I purchased in 1986 in a buried box).
– Although the design was all mine, I did get some ideas from endless Google searches on garage tile floor designs
– Using the Garage Flooring LLC Design Center was key to finalizing my design and gave me the exact number of tiles to order! Perfect fit. A must-do for all.
– A small tabletop saw and hand jigsaw saved me hours of hand cutting. Highly recommend these two tools.
– A heavy-duty rubber mallet is also key. Not all tiles snapped together with foot pressure, and much of my time, I was on hands and knees. Mallet made the work simple.
– No need to overbuy tiles just in case. I found GF, LLC added 1-2 tiles which I never even used. Measure twice, cut once. USE THE DESIGN CENTER
– Plan your layout so you can lay 2-tiles or 4-tiles at once. Make things go faster
– Took me a good five solid hours, start to finish, but I was by myself
– Finally, once completed, leave the Garage Door open, sit in a lawn chair and watch the envy on your neighbors’ faces.

Ken’s Garage:


Before the tile installation, Ken’s garage had a typical concrete floor. The floor is dull and ready for a transformation!

Garage Workshop

Two vehicles on concrete

After: Ken’s Garage with TrueLock HD Coin Tiles

Ken remodeled his entire garage. The overhead storage and cabinets allow him a clean garage that is nice to enjoy and easy to work in. The tiles in this space were the finishing touch – the tiles complement the wall paint and add a unique and fun dynamic to the garage.

Garage with TrueLock HD Coin tiles

Grey, silver, black, blue, white TrueLock HD Coin garage floor tiles

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