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2022 Garage Flooring Stock & Inventory

Last Updated 03/08/22

Summary: While some products have seen increases, product availability is generally good and we are only seeing delays on a small number of items. Our large purchasing and warehousing power has allowed us to bypass some price increases.

As one of the nation’s largest distributors of garage flooring we keep a very close eye on the supply chain and supply chain issues. We watch this not only from a lead time but also from a pricing perspective. For example, we were able to stock up on TrueLock HDXT tiles and avert a massive price increase in favor of a minor one. In fact, as I write this we are expecting another large shipment.

In General rigid garage floor tiles have increased in price but are readily available. Large purchases of HDXT tiles have kept that product close to the previous market price. PVC or flexible tiles are seeing longer delays. Products like NORSK are very difficult to get because of import issues while TrueLock PVC is seeing extended lead times on certain colors as a result of raw material shortages. We are not currently offering the 6 Lock TrueLock Diamond because its price point is above its value.

Garage floor mats have seen a rapid increase in price. While we have been able to make large purchases of containment mats to minimize price variations, G-Floor has seen massive increases. Both products are readily available with G-Floor experiencing occasional stock outages, especially in trailer flooring.

Coatings and flake have been mostly in check. Epoxy prices have gone up, Polyurea has not. We have had to substitute some urethanes for our final topcoat in epoxy systems. Lead times are generally acceptable.

If you have a time-sensitive order our team is here to help you select the best product for your needs.

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