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Best Garage Floor Tiles

Best Garage Floor Tiles March 2022

What Are The Best Garage Floor Tiles as of March 2022

Does it drive you nuts when you search for something like “Best Garage Floor Tiles” and you get a bunch of affiliate links to Amazon and alike? I tend to do a lot of research online. For all the wonders of the current search engines, they still seem to fall for the ‘best of’ articles that are nothing but links designed to generate affiliate revenue. While we obviously have a financial benefit to promoting garage floor tiles, this article is based on my personal use in my own garage, showroom, and other applications.

First, it is important to understand that when we are talking about garages, we assume the garage is being used for automotive use. Based on that assumption we are hard-pressed to suggest a soft or flexible garage floor tile as being the best choice. Rigid tiles are easier to work with, do a better job of resisting mold and mildew, and most importantly will not stain from tires or chemicals typically used in the garage. You may find this garage floor tile review of interest too!

Best Tiles for Residential Garage Floors

I would consider my garage to be pretty typical. It is used for storage, a workout area and you need to be able to park a car in it. Our garage is used daily and everyone goes in and out multiple times a day. While some basic projects are done in the garage, it is not an automotive shop, I am not welding in there and the projects that are done in the garage are from time to time. In other words, this is not a shop in any way. It is a garage.

For this application, I believe the TrueLock HDXT garage floor tiles are the best on the market. For my garage, I used the coin pattern HDXT tile because I have a workout area and they are very comfortable for standing barefoot. If my garage was just used for parking cars and storage, I would have gone with the Diamond HDXT tile. In our showroom, we have a large area that is covered with the HD/HDXT ribbed flow-through tile. We love them because the water flows through, they always look clean and despite common misconceptions, they are very functional. I have no doubt in my mind that these HDXT tiles, in the pattern of your choice, are the best garage floor tiles on the market for the typical residential garage.

Why do We believe HDXT tiles are The Best Tiles in 2022

    • American Made, not a Chinese Knockoff
    • Produced in ISO Certified facility
    • Strong Availability
    • Industry Leading Locking System
    • Engineered Substructure
    • Great Value
    • Great Looking
    • Chemical Resistant
    • Tire Resistant
    • Strong
    • Affordable but not Cheap
    • Highest Quality Raw Materials/li>
    • 12 Year Warranty
    Best Garage Floor Tiles for Home Garage Automotive Wokrshops

    If your home garage has a lift in it and you are working on vehicles day in and day out, you need to step up your game a little more. While the HDXT tiles are still an option, there are two tiles that have been proven in this environment again and again. We would suggest either HD/HDXT ribbed flow-through tile or RaceDeck Diamond Tile. You can also use the RaceDeck version of the Free Flow tile.

    These tiles simply have the substructure necessary for the daily abuse an automotive shop has. RaceDeck diamond is slightly heavier than HDXT diamond. While it is not necessary for our average customer, it is a good choice for a true working garage.

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