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How Long Will a Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Last?

How Long Will a Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Last? Let’s face it, you are going to spend a decent amount of time installing preparing your garage flooring and installing your Polyurea garage floor coating. It is only reasonable to ask How long will a polyurea garage floor coating last? While many people advertise polyurea garage floor coatings and epoxy garage floor systems as one and done, they are more accurately compared to a true hardwood floor. Are you going to ruin the wood under normal circumstances? Probably not. Will you need to put a fresh coat of clear on at some point? YES! How long, depends on how the floor is used and what type of system you put down.

Variables Impacting How Long a Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Will Last Surface Preperation

First and foremost if you did not prepare your floor properly, including making sure you do not have hydrostatic pressure, we have absolutely no idea how long the floor will last. The product’s performance is 100% dependent on a clean, dry, and properly profiled surface that is free of cracks, voids, immediate moisture, and hydrostatic pressure. By immediate moisture, we mean not waiting for the concrete to dry after etching or cleaning. That takes days, not hours.

Appropriate System Used

A two-coat system is fine for residential use. A 3 coat system is better for high use or shop applications. A full broadcast system is the most ‘ bulletproof’ floor you can buy. The system itself. When you select the appropriate system you can expect years, if not decades of use. But there is one caveat. Think of your color coat as your favorite brand of a wireless phone. Think of your clear coat as a screen protector.

The Answer

The clear protects the system as a whole. The more you abuse it, the more scratched and scuffed it will become. The trick is to put a fresh coat of clear on before any damage gets through to the color coat. If you do that, chances are your coating will outlast your stay in your home. We have residential customers who have yet to need a fresh coat of clear and we have commercial customers who put a fresh coat on every couple of years. The bottom line is as long as you take care of the floor, your floor will continue to perform. One other thing to consider, the anti skid we provide also helps increase the abrasion resistance of the floor.

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