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Garage Floor Coatings

Best Garage Floor Coatings – 2022 Edition

Best Floor Coatings for 2022? That is easy and complicated at the same time, but we will try to make it as easy as possible for you. To some extent, it is going to vary based on how you use your garage floor and what condition the concrete floor is in. That said, for the vast majority of our customers that have the floor in reasonable condition, the choice is simple. We do not cover the best garage floor paints because we believe paint to be inadequate for a garage floor. Frankly, its hard to find good garage floor paint reviews anywhere.

Best Overall Garage Floor Coating — AWF Polyurea Garage Floor Kits

AWF Polyurea Garage Floor Coatings are hands down our number one choice for the vast majority of our customers. First, the kit includes the coating, flake, roller covers, and anti-skid you are going to need to coat your floor. The kits also include plenty of material to cover the stated square footage. Let’s face it, we have all been there. You are painting a wall, and the can says 1000 square feet, and you get half that. We have based all of our kits on ideal Mil thickness to make sure you get what you need.

Polyurea is easy to install. There is no pot life issue. Take your time. There is no complicated Part A and Part B. All you add is the pigment pack. This means that, unlike garage floor epoxy, there is 0 chance your floor will not cure or stay tacky. Once the floor is prepped and dry, pour out the first coat and spread it with a roller. Any additional coats will be dip and roll and you will mix some anti-skid into the final coat. Polyurea can be installed as a solid color, with some decorative flake (random broadcast) or completely covered in flake — Full Broadcast. Read our related article about the Do’s and Dont’s of Garage Floor Paint.

Once installed, Polyurea is tough, UV resistant, chemical resistant, and will outlast most garage floor products when properly installed and cared for. This information is backed up by multiple garage floor coatings reviews.

We do not suggest using this product in basements, occupied spaces if you are very sensitive to odors or on damaged concrete that is not repaired and in good condition.

Runner Up for Best Floor Coating Product

If Polyurea is a bit too pricey for you, TruAlloy is a moisture-cured urethane that offers many of the same benefits as Polyurea. It only comes in one color, and you need to be careful to work in small sections, or you may have some roller marks. We also do not suggest full broadcast applications. Once finished the product is tough as nails and equally durable to Polyurea. The same limitations also apply, so see above for where not to use TruAlloy.

Best Garage Floor Epoxy

In some situations, customers want or need to use epoxy. Epoxy can have lower VOC and can be shipped to most of the country. While we always recommend doing floor repairs first, 100% solids epoxy is much better at covering a damaged garage floor. Epoxy can also be a better choice for occupied spaces and basements that do not have hydrostatic pressure or moisture issues. Our high-solids epoxy can be installed with a roller, while our 100% solids epoxy requires the use of a squeegee. Check out our epoxy garage flooring line! We have a lot of epoxy floor coating reviews in our articles section, and we invite you to check them out.

We do not suggest epoxy for high sun areas, such as garages where the door is often left open. When possible, epoxy should be top-coated with a urethane-based product.

Epoxy requires attention to detail and chemical mixing and it requires you to work fast. When finished, you will have a high-end and reasonably thick garage floor. We always suggest a primer with epoxy.

Garage Floor Paints

While we believe concrete floor paint may be appropriate for some areas, concrete paint should not be used in the garage. Garage floor paints fail from hot tire lifting and rarely last months, never mind years. Even the best garage floor paint you can find will be hard-pressed to perform the way an epoxy or polyurea will/

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