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Photo of Patrick's man cave with a polyurea coating. Review says "The phone call I made to your company saved my sanity"

Patrick’s Man Cave: Full Broadcast Polyurea

“It turned out beautiful!” – Patrick

Patrick’s garage is stunning. He installed a two-coat grey polyurea system with the B411 fully broadcasted flake in his 28′ by 28′ man cave. The B411 flake blend is a mixture of black, white, and grey flake. The floor is awesome and perfectly compliments the garage vibe.

Before installing the polyurea, Patrick had a box-store epoxy that had discoloration and peeling after a short year. While epoxy can be a great fit for some garages, the quality of the epoxy needs to be high and on most occasions, we recommend an aliphatic urethane topcoat to protect the epoxy and prevent lifting and discoloration. If you think epoxy would be your best fit, then give us a call at 1.800.956.4301 or chat with us via our website.

Because Patrick had a previous coating, it was necessary to grind the floor to remove it in preparation for the polyurea. On uncoated or untreated concrete, only an acid etch is necessary to prep concrete for the polyurea. While Patrick put in a lot of effort for this new polyurea floor, he will have a durable, beautiful, and easy-to-clean surface in his man cave for years to come.

There are some incredible benefits to a polyurea coating. In terms of coatings, the polyurea coating is easy to install because of its extended pot life. Extended pot life means that you can take your time to install the product. Additionally, the polyurea does not require a primer coat. Then, the polyurea is chemical resistant and has a high-heat tolerance, meaning no hot-tire lifting.

Patrick’s Word:

Back when I knew everything about epoxy I went to the box store and bought it from them. It started peeling after 1 year and turning yellow. I put up with it for 10 years. To make a long story short, the phone call I made to your company saved my sanity! I talked to Zach and he answered all my questions and explained everything, I never heard of polyurea! Waited a couple of days and called back and Justin talked to me and then decided to place my order.

Would like to praise your company for the way my order was handled from the fellow that shipped the flakes to the fellow that filled the cans and backed them and arrived without a dent to your sales force, thank you, you are very professional!  Now back to my man cave, it’s 28×28, and did a full flake with 2 top coats of polyurea. It turned out beautiful! The only hard part was grinding the floor. Thanks for all the advice and for selling me the right product.

Patrick’s Man Cave:


A closeup of damaged epoxy floor

Garage with damaged epoxy

Garage prepared for a coating


Grey polyurea with flake on a grage floor

Family in a circle on a polyurea floor

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