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Red and Black Checkerboard Tiles with Quotation: Very happy with the protected and finished look"

Don’s Fun HDXT Diamond Tile Project

“Very Easy” – Don.

Don and his friends installed the TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles in his garage. He told us that it was easy and that they had fun with the installation! Don’s garage features black and red tiles in a checkerboard pattern. The floor looks amazing and we are so thrilled with how this space turned out.

The TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles have a low-to-the-ground diamond profile. The diamond has a sleek shape and because of its low profile, it is easy to roll over. As of July 8, 2022, these tiles are on sale for $2.99 sq/ft. Additionally, the tiles are extremely easy to install. If you’re someone who enjoyed building blocks as a kid, you may just enjoy this project. Tile cutting is generally required on two sides of the garage for a wall-to-wall installation. We always recommend ordering a few more than you need in case of user errors.

Don’s Order:

  • 200 Black TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles
  • 200 Red TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles
  • 20 Female Black Edges

His Words:

Very easy and we are very happy with the protected and finished look

I couldn’t be happier with Garage Flooring LLC. I always hated my concrete floor in the garage with its many hairline cracks. This floor was easy and fun to put down. A very competitive cost, and best of all, free shipping. The tiles come in sections of four connected pieces which cuts down on the number of shipped boxes. No problem, you simply snap them apart if you want to work with the 12×12 square.
After installation, there is a noticeable click-clack sound while walking on the tile. Maybe in the future Garage Flooring LLC will offer some kind of matting to lay down prior to tile installation to calm down the click-clack sound.

Sound Reduction for Garage Floor Tiles

Garage floor tiles do make a click-clack sound when you walk on them. To reduce this sound, we recommend purchasing landscaper fabric from your local hardware store and using the fabric under the tiles so that there is a barrier between the tile and the concrete. For more about the installation of these tiles, click here.

Photos of Don’s Garage with TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles & Friends

During install:

A group of friends installing TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles

Almost finished!

Checkerboard black and red TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles

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