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Light Grey Polyurea – Anthony’s Project

Anthony installed the light grey polyurea in his garage. The floor looks great!

“A three-car garage was a lot of work, but things came out great!” – Anthony

For his three-car garage, Anthony used a two-coat 750 square-foot AWF Polyurea kit. The light grey polyurea looks great and is well-protected for years to come. In addition to the polyurea, Anthony heavily broadcasted flakes in the garage. Flakes come in a variety of different colors and sizes; you can add your style to your garage with them.

The polyurea system has many advantages. For example, the coating has a virtually unlimited pot life, meaning that one can take their time during the installation process. Additionally, there is less preparation of the flooring than with other coating systems. For an uncoated and untreated concrete floor in good shape, only an acid etch is required for preparation.

The flooring is extremely durable and protects the concrete underneath. . However, the product does not fill deep cracks or repair damaged concrete. We approved this product recently for winter installation for temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. You can find re-coat times here.

Anthony’s Light Grey Polyurea Project

In this photo, you can see how large Anthony’s project is. Because the project is large, the AWF polyurea is a great option because of its unlimited pot-life.

Light Grey Polyurea Project

Anthony’s red car looks great on the floor!

Light Grey Polyurea Floor with Red Vehicle

A three-car garage is a large undertaking! Thankfully, we are here to support you via chat or phone call whenever you need it.

Garage with light grey polyurea product

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