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Graphite and Alloy RaceDeck FreeFlow tiles

RaceDeck FreeFlow and Diamond Tiles – Tony’s Garage

“I Love My New Floor” – Tony

Tony installed the RaceDeck FreeFlow and Diamond tiles in his garage. The floor looks absolutely fantastic. The tiles add dimension and style to the space. Additionally, they are incredibly durable and easy to install.

The FreeFlow tiles are an excellent option for an “effortlessly” clean garage. Debris falls through the ribs and can be cleaned with a shop vac later. Because debris has a place to go, there is a clean and safe surface to walk on. Like any surface frequently traveled, the floor will need routine cleaning. However, in-between cleaning, you don’t have to sweat the small stuff – it will flow through the tiles.

Tony’s Review:

The Product – RaceDeck FreeFlow and Diamond Tiles

I spent almost three months designing my garage floor layout and deciding upon which product to use.  In the end, I chose my vendor to be Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado, which sent full-size sample tiles instead of the 2×2 samples I had received from another vendor.  This enabled me to get a much better “feel” for what the tiles were like.  I also decided upon RaceDeck tiles, rather than other manufacturers.

The Design

I used the website’s design tool to ensure I liked what I was designing and also to make sure I had the right number of tiles.  My design (see pictures) included both Black and Light Gray solid RaceDeck Diamond tiles for a border, and Dark and Light Gray RaceDeck FreeFlow for the majority of the floor.  I also have a step-up into the house across the whole width at the back of my garage, so I used Dark Gray RaceDeck Diamond and matching edges for that area.

The Process

I received my shipment of over 360 tiles only 2 days after ordering!  I had most of the floor completed that same day (phew!).  In cutting the tiles to fit once I’d reached the edges of the garage walls, I found a simple hacksaw was the best option.  With a steady hand, I got the best straight cut without too much burring and clean-up of the cut edge.  I love my new floor, and I think the guys at Garage Flooring are great!

The RaceDeck FreeFlow and Diamond Tiles in Tony’s Garage

Tony’s Floor Planning

In addition to using the floor designer, Tony created his own design for the garage to make sure he got everything exactly how he liked it.

Garage Floor Design with Graphite and Alloy

Tony’s Garage:

Racedeck FreeFlow Tiles in Black and Grey

Alloy and black Racedeck freeflow tiles

red car on checkerboard tiles

checkerboard tiles with alloy and black border Racedeck diamond and freeflow tiles

checkerboard tiled garage

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