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Auto Detailing 360 customer vehicle on TrueLock garage floor tiles

Auto Detailing 360 Utilizes TrueLock Garage Floor Tile

Auto Detailing 360, a Grand Junction-based Ceramic Pro Grand Junction Elite dealer utilized TrueLock and RaceDeck garage floor tiles. The company uses the tiles in multiple ways to improve the functionality of its detailing shop as well as the appearance of the showroom.

The company is still waiting on some additional graphics from Ceramic Pro®. Once the graphics are received and installed, the tiles will be part of a photo area where before and after photographs are taken. These photos are used for the customer as well as in the company’s Facebook and Instagram marketing.

The company selected the TrueLock HD RIbbed tiles for the showroom area. The tiles give the showroom a high-end garage feel. They are easy to clean and help the company to maintain a professional image. While many Ceramic Pro® dealers go with a competing brand in the shop and laminate detail flooring in the showroom, Auto Detailing 360 chooses to stay with RaceDeck and Garage Flooring LLC.

In the retail detail flooring area, the company utilizes a traditional checkerboard pattern featuring dark gray and silver colors. The flooring even extends into office areas where chairs have absolutely no issues rolling over the top of it.

In the shop area, the company went with RaceDeck Flowthrough tiles from Garage Flooring LLC. In order to minimize distraction from the vehicles being featured, a solid color was used in the middle while another color was used as a border. In the case of the shop, the floor is not installed wall to wall, and transition pieces are used to get from the detailing shop floor to the tiles.

In the photo, a blue Ford® Raptor is pictured after receiving a high-end ceramic coating. In the showroom picture, you can see the Ceramic Pro® iconic 3 TV setup and digital menus on a dark wall with the TrueLock detail shop flooring.

Ceramic Pro Showroom Flooring

For the sake of transparency, Justin Krauss the founder of Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado is also a partner in Auto Detailing 360. Auto Detailing 360 is a Ceramic Pro Elite dealer offering detailing, window tinting, ceramic coatings, and clear bras — also known as paint protection film (PPF).

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