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Interlocking Garage Floor Tile

Best Garage Floor Tiles

Interlocking Garage floor tiles are a popular type of garage flooring as they are readily available, easy to install, provide for air circulation underneath, and will easily withstand toolboxes and jack stands. We offer a wide assortment of premium garage floor tiles for your garage floor.

Types of Garage Tile

Tile Types: Generally speaking, garage tile can be broken down into flexible PVC tiles and hard plastic garage tiles. Both types of tiles are considered to be snap-together garage floor tiles. While interlocking rubber tiles are also available, they are not appropriate for garage floor use. Rubber tiles are great for a home gym. Rubber tiles will also absorb petroleum products.

PVC Garage Tiles: In our opinion, PVC tile is not the best garage tile to use for garage floors. They are great for a man cave or for creating a space in areas other than the garage. Unfortunately, the edges of vinyl garage tile will lift; they are not typically considered vented tiles, which can cause mold problems, and in a busy garage, and frankly even a slow one, PVC tiles can and will stain from tires. PVC tiles typically require a rubber mallet for installation.

Hard Plastic Tiles: such as TrueLock, Truelock HDXT and Racedeck tile, tend to be more affordable per square foot, allow your floor to breathe and can be installed in just hours. Products like TrueLock HDXT tiles have all these same advantages and ship the same business day. Both Racedeckand Swisstrax tiles are available in free-flow tiles. That said, free flow is the name Racdeck gives to its vented tile. These types of tiles may also be called interlocking garage floor panels.

Hard plastic tiles provide a stain-resistant floor with a reasonable degree of stain resistance and slip resistance. The interlocking floor tiles can be installed in a few hours and have easy-to-install edge pieces available for the garage door.

While we do not offer Swisstrax tiles, our TrueLock standard diamond and vented interlocking floor tiles closely resemble the home series offered by Swisstrax tiles — at a better price. We prefer Racedeck and TrueLock brands.

Garage Tiles Vs Garage Mats

Interlocking tiles and garage floor mats are both very popular options for the garage floor. In our opinion, garage floor tiles provide a more durable solution for the garage. While that would not be the case for vinyl garage tiles, or rubber garage tiles, hard plastic tiles are a perfect solution for garage floors.

Garage floor mats are less durable than plastic garage tiles and harder to install than most interlocking tiles. They have many of the same drawbacks as Pvc garage tiles, but they do offer one benefit. Unlike PVC tile or garage floor tiles in general, garage floor mats can typically cover the entire garage floor with one or two seams. Some argue that installation of garage mats is quicker and easier than hard plastic tiles, but we would disagree.

Garage floor tiles are better for use with jack stands. Regardless of what type of flooring you use, we always suggest plywood under jack stands.

Other Types of Garage Flooring

There are many types of garage flooring. While garage tile is a popular option, garage coatings are sometimes preferred over garage tiles because they create a seamless floor that is easy to clean. While floor tiles are faster to install and installation is much faster, coatings are a popular garage flooring for a good reason. Garage floor coatings are the oldest and arguably the most attractive flooring option on the market.

Why People Select Garage floor tile

So be it Racedeck or Swisstrax tile, why do people select tiles for their floor? First, most people can’t leave their garage empty for days, and the installation process on floor tiles takes less than a business day. Garage tiles can be customized to fit any garage floor, and hard plastic garage floor tiles are very very durable. Justin, one of the owners of Garage Flooring LLC has garage tile in his own garage. While some were surprised he did not select Swisstrax tiles, he found TrueLock HDXT tiles to be a better fit for his garage floor. His garage floor tiles were installed quickly and cost significantly less than other garage floor tiles.

How to Cut Hard Plastic Garge Floor Tile?

Garage tile is best cut with a floor sheer. that said most customers are not going to go by a new sheer just for garage tiles. Unless they are in the garage flooring business, it simply does not make sense. Garage floor tile cuts easily with a circular or table saw using a plastic cutting blade.

Tile Summary

  • Hard plastic garage floor tiles are superior to PVC garage tiles
  • We prefer RaceDeck or TrueLock over Swisstrax Tiles
  • Tile is a great option for almost any floor
  • The best garage tiles are stain resistant and slip resistant
  • Garage floor tile starts under $3 per square foot
  • Garage flooring comes in many shapes and styles, and we suggest you talk to one of the experts at Garage Flooring LLC before making a decision.
  • Installation with tiles is quick and easy compared to other methods of garage flooring.
  • TrueLock HDXT tiles ship the same business day.
  • PVC tiles will take more than a business day to ship, and installation of this type of tile can be more complicated.
  • Stay away from “garage puzzle flooring” and rubber flooring for automotive garages

Garage Flooring LLC is a leading online distributor of garage floor tiles, garage floor mats, and garage floor coatings. They are based in Colorado but offer free shipping nationwide. For more information about tile or any other product, give us a call at 800-956-4301

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