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Why Use Tiles in the Garage?

Why Use Tiles in the Garage?

As the garage flooring industry continues to expand, we often have customers comparing garage floor coatings, garage mats, and garage floor tiles. Many customers wonder if and why they should use garage tiles.
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Garage Flooring Types

  • Before we get specifically into sing tiles in the garage, let’s have a look at the different types of garage flooring. This will not be an exhaustive article on the subject, but we just want to make sure you have a basic overview so you can compare types of garage flooring.
  • Garage Floor Mats — Typically constructed from PVC, garage floor mats are a roll-out garage flooring product used to quickly and easily cover the garage floor.
  • Garage Floor Coatings such as Polyurea and garage floor epoxy are another good option.
  • Containment Mats — Used under cars to keep snow and moisture off the garage floor.
  • Garage Floor Sealers — Used to keep the garage floor from staining. It can be used in conjunction with a tiles garage.

Garage Floor Tile Advantages

Garage floor tiles have many advantages over other garage flooring products. Garage floors can be covered quickly using flexible PVC tiles or plastic garage tiles. They are a little more per square foot than some other types of garage flooring, but hard plastic garage floor tiles are less labor intensive, and the surface can be covered in less than a day.

  • A quality garage tile provides good air flow, which helps to prevent mold. Plastic garage tiles have better air flow than soft vinyl garage tiles.
  • Hard plastic garage tiles require a few tools. In most cases, you won’t even need a rubber mallet.
  • Interlocking tiles such as vented tiles are great because the surface stays clean and dry while dirt and moisture flow through.
  • Arguably the best garage tile, Raceck garage floor tiles have no issues with jacks, and jack stands.
  • Tapered edge pieces are used at the garage door to make for an easy transition.
  • The durability and ease of repair of garage floor tiles are second to none.
  • One big advantage of garage floor tiles is they can go over the joints in the slab without needing to fill them.
  • garage floor tiles are available in just about any color.
  • Hard plastic tiles are mildew resistant.
  • Almost anyone can install garage floor tiles in almost any space.
  • Rigid tiles provide great air circulation. We Prefer Free Flow Racedeck garage floors over Swisstrax tile. In most cases, both Racedeck and our HDT tile will suffice. We really like the HDXT coin in a home gym but some people prefer interlocking rubber tiles.
  • While rigid plastic tiles can be used with car jacks, even the best garage floor tiles can become dented or scratched. We suggest using a piece of wood under the car jack.
  • We do not recommend PVC garage tiles for a busy garage. Rubber garage tiles are also not our top choice. Both products are not great with tires and automotive fluids. Hard plastic tiles have a clear edge and are less expensive per square foot. rubber tiles are not a great choice with petroleum products. PVC garage tiles are also called vinyl garage tile.
  • Installation of heavy machinery can be accomplished following specialized installation instructions.
  • Textured garage tiles add more slip resistance to the floor if the floor is wet for long periods of time.
  • Garage floor tiles do not require the extensive floor preparation that garage floor coatings do.
  • Tiles for the garage can be customized to any space and are easier to work with than garage floor mats.

Cost of Garage floor tiles

There is a wide range of prices for Garge floor tiles. Some garage floor tiles are under $3 per square foot while the best garage floor tiles can rage from $3.50 to $5.50. It is important to keep in mind that you might not need the best tile, just the best tile garage floor for your application.

Longevity of Garage Tiles

Most manufacturers have a warranty for floor tiles ranging from 7 Years to a limited lifetime. Practically speaking, once the floor is installed and weathers the first winter and summer, the chances of having a manufacturer’s defect are slim. We find that the best value is our HDXT garage floor tiles or our ribbed flow-through tile.

Why the hate for PVC garage tiles and Vinyl garage tile?

We don’t hate PVC floor tiles, but they are just not appropriate for the garage floor. It is hard to control the expansion and contraction of the tile, and they tend to stain from tires. PVC tiles are great for heavy machinery, forklifts, and non-automotive garages.

PVC garage floor tiles also do not offer as much air circulation so mold and mildew can be an issue. They are great for a basement if you know for certain there is no moisture coming up through the slab.

What is needed for Installation?

  • While installation of garage tiles is generally easier than installing mats or coatings, some basic tools are going to be needed — just like any garage flooring product.
  • Table saw with a plastic or laminate cutting blade
  • Jig saw for odd shapes
  • Tape measure
  • Landscape fabric

Tiles Garage Issues

There are only a handful of issues with tiles in the garage, and most of them can be mitigated with proper installation and planning. Letting the tiles warm up and leaving expansion gaps will avoid tenting or buckling. Putting landscape fabric under the garage floor tile will help to avoid the clicking noise that some people complain about.

Where to Buy Garage Floor tiles

We highly suggest getting a sample of any garage tile before making a purchase. We provide free samples. We also have been in the garage flooring industry for years. Our team of experts is standing by to help. (800) -956-4301.

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