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Garage Carpeting

Last year we launched a product called garage carpet, and sales have skyrocketed. We have a lot of customers asking us about using carpet in the garage. During the COVID pandemic, more and more people started working from home. In many cases, this meant putting carpet in the garage to convert it into an office and avoiding working on a cold cement floor. But there are other reasons for installing carpet over a concrete floor. Many of our customers are looking for carpets they can use in a high traffic garage, wet environments to contain automotive fluids and tougher spills.

Once there is any talk of parking a vehicle on the floor or exposing it to any of these conditions, there are several factors that need to be taken into account. It is important to select the best option, one that is durable and will not stain. You also want to make sure you select the right choice to park your car, for snow, oil, and that it will not suffer water damage. You want to make sure that cleaning the surface is easy and that the garage becomes part of the house.

Installing the wrong carpet is a bad idea. It may not be fire retardant and may cause mold, mildew, and stains may become permanent. Staining can ruin the image of any garage. Standard carpet can catch fire.

We often suggest  carpet mat or interlocking tiles made of carpet. They are simply better suited for garage applications than standard carpeting. Please note you may want to check the fire code and see if the new carpet needs to be fire-resistant.

Why Garage Floors Need Carpeting

If you install carpet in the garage it serves several purposes. First, the garage will look and feel nicer. Second automotive fluids such as radiator fluid are contained. They may for a grat place to park cars and greatly improve the feel of the space overall.

Carpet Tiles Vs Garage Floor Mats

Carpet tiles can easily be customized to fit any space and can be interlocked with many other garage floor tiles. The one downside if you have a seam every 12 inches. Carpet mats are seamless and are great for parking on. Unfortunately, carpet mats are not great for wall-to-wall applications.

Questions About Garage Floor Carpet Options

Is it a good idea to put carpet in the garage?

Placing the right carpet mats or carpet tiles in the garage is a good idea, but you should have a look at other garage flooring products first. Select the garage flooring product that best suits your needs.

What kind of carpet is best for a garage?

We suggest G-Floor Drip Mats or Snap Carpet.

Can you install a carpet in a garage?

The garage carpeting we offer is simple to install. We do not suggest installing outdoor carpet or marine carpet unless you have tested it and the manufacturer approves it for garage application.

What is the cheapest way to cover a garage floor?

Often, coating a garage floor is the cheapest way to cover it

What should I cover my garage floor with?

Garage floors can be covered with garage floor mats, garage carpet, carpet tile, interlocking garage floor tile or garage floor coatings.

What is the best tile for a garage floor?

We prefer TrueLockgarage floor tile or RaceDeck

What is best for garage flooring?

There is simply no such thing as the best garage flooring. It varies from application to application. We have decades of experience in this industry. We offer free samples and expert advice. Give us a call, and let’s walk through it. (800) 956-4301

How often should the carpet be replaced?

Garage carpet is typically replaced between 3-7 years. Some applications will require replacement more and others less.

Can you use carpet tiles in a garage?

We only suggest carpet tiles manufactured specifically for the garage.

Is the garage carpet waterproof?

This is going to very from application to application. Drip mats use a PVC layer to keep water, oil, and fluids from getting through to the concrete slab below.

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