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Garage Floor Mat

Garage floor mats are attractive and incredibly effective at protecting the garage floor from stains, mud, oil, dirt, liquids, and more. You can walk and drive on them for many years. They offer an attractive roll-out solution to protect the concrete surface and allow you to park your vehicle. The G-Floor garage floor mat from better life technology is quite literally the very first garage flooring product we ever sold. If we are transparent about it if it had not been for the BLT garage floor covering, we may never have entered this business in the first place.

At the time, G-Floor mats were not only the best garage floor mats on the market, but they were also the only garage floor mat and one of very few garage floor coverings on the market! G-Floor garage floor mats are available in different patterns, including a coin pattern, diamond pattern, ribbed pattern, and levant pattern — a lightly textured mat.

Better Life Technology mats are made in the USA Garage floor mats quickly cover your floor and can be cleaned with a mop or hose. They are the first thing you see when your garage door opens and are a great option if your vehicle drips oil. They are easy to clean and maintain.

While G-Floor mats are still the best garage floor mats on the market, they are not always the best choice for covering garage floors. In some cases, garage tiles or garage floor coatings may be a better option — especially on a shop floor.

PVC vs Rubber Garage Floor Mats

With the exception of gym mats or interlocking gym tiles, PVC garage floor mats are always better than rubber garage floor mats. A rubber garage floor mat will absorb fluids, swell and have a long-lasting tire smell. PVC mats do better with automotive fluids. Garage mats may discolor from tires. A black garage mat will not show discoloration.

Both rubber mats and PVC garage mats can be used in the whole garage or whole room, or just a portion. Sometimes, people will install rubber gym flooring in one part of the garage for workout equipment and another for cars and trucks.


Installing garage floor mats is relatively easy. Remove any debris from the floor, vacuum it, use a broom to sweep it out, and roll out the flooring. This makes it much easier than epoxy or garage floor coating.

When installing multiple mats, it is best to create a center line before starting the job. Also, if you have a motorcycle, set the free samples aside to use under the kickstand so it does not damage the floor.

For a more permanent installation, some customers use seam or double-sided tape around the perimeter. In rare cases, people may use an adhesive for gluing the floor down. We don’t generally suggest it as the ease of installation in a major advantage of garage floor mats over garage floor coatings like epoxy and garage tiles.


Containment Mats

Containment mats do not come on a roll. They are lower-weight mats that many customers purchase to keep snow off the garage floor. The mats are easy to deal with and do not take hours to install. They are not the most attractive as rolls, but products like the TruContain family of containment mats serve to form a barrier against snow, water, dirt, debris, and more. Most containment mats are not made in the USA.

Other Garage Flooring Options

We have been offering garage flooring for years. No matter what type of project you have or how few hours you have to do the installation, we can help you find the right product. We specialize in garage floor coatings, garage floor mats, and garage floor tiles.

One final word of caution. If your garage is not temperature controlled, it is important to remove ice, snow, and liquids. DO NOT use a hose in the winter. We suggest using a wet/dry vacuum to clean the floor, remove oils and keep the surface as dry as possible.

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